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Find answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions at Summit Mountain


We know there are a lot of options out there for lodging around Glacier National Park and we are happy you chose us to help make sure you have a great vacation! We will be happy to help you plan your hikes, find the wildlife or take the best shots in Glacier!

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to our most common questions.


Where is summit mountain lodge located?

We are located at US-2, Mile marker 197 on Marias Pass on the East side of Glacier National Park 47 min east of West glacier and 47 minutes south of Many Glacier.

How far are you from “Going to the Sun Road”?

    • We are 47 miles from the west entrance of Glacier and 54 miles from the East side in St Mary.
    • What is your cancellation policy?
    • A $50 cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations on all double cabins (Grinnell, Huckleberry, Rising Wolf, Running Rabbit, Sinopah, single cabin (Lone Walker)and there is a $100 cancellation policy on our family cabins (Grizzly,Montana and Three Bears).
    • There is a $15.00 charge when we need to change a reservation.
    • Refunds will be given within 5-7 business days if warranted.
    • No refund is given for cancellations received after 3 pm, 20 days prior to the reservation date. We don’t try to penalize anyone if their plans change but we must adhere to our policies to ensure that we don’t overbook and so others may stay with us if your plans change on short notice.
    • A no-show the date that you were scheduled to arrive will be considered a cancellation of your entire stay.
    • If a person books online, they agree to our policies and marking the box online is verifying you are signing and that you “agree” and “understand” policies.
    • Is there internet on the property?
    • Yes, there is satellite internet in the lodge but not in the cabins. It is a bit slower so there is no streaming allowed since we are limited.
    • Do you offer a free continental breakfast? Yes, for all of our cabin guests from 7:30am-9am. Yogurt, bagels, cereals, oatmeal, fruit, juice, coffee. Please don’t complain about our free breakfast service, if you need something more substantial go into town where they charge for the service.
    • Do you give guests breakfast in May?  Early season cabin guests do not receive a continental breakfast, plan accordingly. (May10th-June10th)
    • What are your Check in and Check out times? 
    • Check-in time for lodging is after 3:00 pm until 9:00 pm. Please let us know if you will be arriving late and we will try to accommodate your plans.
  • Check out time is 11:00 am, there is a late fee associated with late check outs unless discussed prior.
  • Are there Tv’s in the cabins? We have 3 cabins with direct Tv, you would need to book appropriate cabin if needed.
  • Are we allowed to grill or BBQ in or around cabins? No, we would rather not have the top predators joining guests for dinner. Bears frequent the property.
  • Do you rent bear spray? Yes, we do for $20 a bottle for your entire stay.
  • Can we bring bear spray to Canada? Yes, bear spray is okay but human mace is not allowed
  • Do we need bear spray? We recommend having bear spray while hiking in the are. Chances are you wont use it but its better to be safe.
  • Can we check in Mondays when restaurant is closed? Yes, but occasionally we will leave a note on restaurant door with check in instructions if we have to leave property during this time.
  • What are the hours of your restaurant? Hours are 5pm-9pm, Tuesday through Sunday, closed on Mondays
  • Can you accommodate vegetarians? We are able to accommodate gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options.
  • Are there any other restaurants in the area?  yes, The closest are 6 miles each direction and then 10 miles in East Glacier Village.
  • Are there grocery stores close by? yes, there is a convenience store 6 miles away at Snow slip Bar. The next closest are in East Glacier Village and Browning.
  • Is there house- keeping on site?  Yes, limited. We are a leader for eco-friendly lodging and change linens in bathrooms every 3 days unless requested and bed linens every 5 days unless requested.
  • Are there laundry facilities?  Yes, there are coin operated machines and we do sale detergent.
    • When does the restaurant open? Our restaurant will open approx: June 12th and hours are from 5 pm-9:00 pm and typically will close the 3rd weekend of September, weather dependent.
    • Do you offer discounts on cabin rentals? Each spring we offer an early bird discount but it is only for double cabins and cant be used with multiple cabins or with any other 3rd party booking agents(, expedia ect.)
    • Do I need a credit card to stay? Yes, When you arrive to the property, we do require a credit card to hold as a security deposit. Barring any damage/ and or extraordinary cleaning. The credit card will only be charged if necessary for extra cleaning or damages.
    • Can cabin guests drink the water on the property?
    • Yes, its better than any water you will ever taste. Please don’t bring plastic water bottles with you, its a waste and it annoys us. We are trying to refrain from plastic use.
    • Does Summit Mountain recycle? 
    • Yes, we do what we can but its not easy while on top of a mountain.
    • How big is your lodge and resort?
    • Our 32 acre property contains 8 cabins that we rent, a full steakhouse with a private events room.
    • Where is the closest airport?
    • Kalispell is 80 miles to the west and Great Falls is 150 miles east.
    • How many people can you accommodate in the cabins

    • Best way to communicate for weddings?
    • We ask that you put all of your questions together in emailing, we have hundreds of emails. Please compile all questions not alot of individual email .
    • We can accommodate 46-48 people on the property in our cabins.
    • How many wedding guests can we invite to our event at Summit Mountain?
    • We can accommodate up to 110 guests comfortably for the outdoor pavilion and 30 for the private events space above the restaurant.
    • Can I choose my own food caterer?
    • No, we don’t allow other caterers. Although, we can customize our menu to your needs.
    • Can I provide my own alcohol or bring alcohol onto the property?
    • No, due to the legalities of having a full liquor license Summit Mountain Lodge will need to cater any alcohol during the event, but we do have several options and budgets available. Wedding parties must make sure all guests drinking are of legal age to be drinking alcohol.
    • What options do I have as far as alcohol choices?
    • We can order pretty much any type of alcohol from our distributors given an early notice.
    • Can we bring alcohol onto the property?
    • Due to our liquor license no outside alcohol can brought onto the property, Summit Mountain caters all alcohol.We have multiple alcohol packages available, please see wedding brochure received.
    • Open Bar packages last 3 hours and we prefer if the guests don’t leave the property after drinking.  
    • How late can our events last?
    • We allow 5 hours from start to finish and an option to purchase more time if you would like.  
    • How do I book an event or wedding?
    • Send us an email or call during business hours and we will confirm the date. You just need to choose the date for lodging and wedding, then work one-on-one with our wedding coordinator to choose a wedding package that’s right for you.
    • Can I choose a wedding coordinator to come and help?
    • We help you coordinate the event while you are here, but if you would like additional help that would be fine with us and our wedding coordinator would take a step back as well.
    • Do you know of any wedding photographers?
    • There are several photographers in the area; we can help point you in the right direction by providing a list of photographers.
    • When can we start setting up for our wedding event?
    • You are able to come in and decorate the day before at an agreed time.
    • What time is check-in and check-out for the cabin rentals?
    • Check in time is 3 PM and check out time is 11 AM, depending on the event we may have some flexibility.
    • Do you offer a wedding brunch?
    • We do offer a brunch for your special day, just let us know and we can make it happen.
    • Do you know of any caterers to make our cake or special desserts?
    • We have a partner business known for their creativity and fresh baked goods. 
    • Do you allow camping on your property?
    • We do not allow camping, but there is a campground very close to our property that has proper camping facilities.
    • What do I need to do to get prepared to have my wedding at Summit Mountain?
    • You will need to make arrangements for your music, flowers, choice of decorations, wedding cake and photographer.
    • What happens if the weather gets bad during my event?
    • Our pavilion is enclosed and has walls on it so the weather shouldn’t be an issue.  
    • How long can the party go?
    • If your party has rented out all of our cabins you are welcome to continue your reception until midnight.
  • Have more questions? Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 406-226-9319.