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We are usually ranked #1 or #2 on trip advisor for our businesses and you may find more information on our website or our face book page: Summit Mountain Lodge and Steakhouse/Glacier National Park Montana if you have more questions or need information.

Summit Mountain Lodge opens the beginning of June and closes first week of October. You may arrive at any time beginning in June and we would like to have you here until the middle or end of September. All of the positions start at $10.00 an hour, there are chances for raises and bonuses at the end of the season. All positions are between 32-40 hours a week.

We hire around 8 people to join our team each season to help us with all of the positions. We are providing a car to get to and from your other job in East Glacier. We have housing on the property within walking distance just minutes from the restaurant and cabins.The housing offers cable television, we also have internet and wifi on the property.

Our resort is situated outside of Glacier National Park, Montana, we have cabins for rent, a steakhouse, and we host large weddings and events. We sit 12 miles from the town of East Glacier, Montana. The town hires approx. 400 people to work at the various lodges, restaurants and gift shops; most of those are students. Some employees fly into Kalispell, Montana which is 90 minutes from Summit Mountain Lodge and some fly into Chicago and take the train to East Glacier train station. Others may fly into Spokane Washington and take the train bound for East Glacier. You may hike, backpack, fish,

Employees start at $10.00 an hour and can get raises depending on work ethic, and some also can receive bonuses at the end of the season. We do have housing on the property, some is shared room 2-3 people per room, there are rooms for couples as well. Rent is $90.00 a pay period which is every two weeks. There is one time refundable cleaning fee of $100.00 for a cleaning deposit. This assures us that you are keeping your housing clean during the season until the end to help other employees.

Job Descriptions:

Responsible for cleaning cabins in the morning following every standard rule. Changing bed sheets, cleaning bathrooms, doing the cabins laundry, keeping the laundry room organized and clean. This position usually gets tips from guests.

Responsible for getting the continental breakfast ready for our guests, making espressos, answering phone calls, ringing cash register and helping our guests. After breakfast is over cleaning the restaurant area and making sure everything is ready and clean for when the steakhouse opens in the afternoon.

Responsible for checking in guests, answering phone calls and sometimes taking care of a few guests who just want to have some kind of a drink before the restaurant opens (espressos, beer, wine). When the restaurant opens duties are sitting guests on their tables, taking care of restaurant guest checks and helping the wait staff as much as they need it.

Responsible for working right next to our chef, cutting vegetable, finishing plates and making sure they are clean and ready before they go out to the customer. The chef will teach you everything you need to know and do for this position. This position alternates days of being a dishwasher as well. The dishwasher position pays $10.00 an hour

We do have an agreement with other business for you to get a second job right away, you will have to have a driver license since you will be driving the employee’s car to get to your second job (if you want a second job).

Please notice that you will be asked what kind of position you are interested in, but after the interview we will let you know if you are suitable for that position or a different one depending on your experience and english. Some of the positions require a variety of duties outside the job description, so we ask that you be flexible and be willing to learn and help others.

Summit Mountain does have a dress code. You will get 2 white button shirts with our logo and be charged $25.00 per shirt, you need to bring 2 pairs of dark blue jeans( no rips , tears ect). We do allow employees to help with events so please bring black pants and white dress shirts. I do provide aprons and hair nets. No open toed shoes, (sandals), are allowed. You do need to wear comfortable shoes, since you will be on your feet for long periods of time. Must be presentable, good hygiene, shower, and deodorant to represent our lodge. If you have piercings they must be taken out while working and there is NO smoking, or Illegal drug use allowed on property for guests or employees. Please read through this information and let us know if you’re interested in joining our team. If so, then we can set up a time for a Skype interview. We’d like to explore the possibility of having you join our summer family this year.

All the best,

Mara Chase, Owner

Summit Mountain Lodge

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